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Legal Department of a Fintech Company (+1000 employees)
Development an automated system for processing, storing, and searching for company local legislation
The client relied on a costly subscription database from a legal information provider. Company local legislation was stored on third-party servers, raising security concerns
Streamlined, secure, and cost-effective solution that met the client's unique requirements. The new system enhanced the legal department's efficiency while ensuring data security and reducing reliance on third-party platforms.ure, efficient, and cost-effective solution tailored to the client's needs
Project Duration
2 stages, 3 months each
Team Composition
The team consists of:
  • 1 Solution architect
  • 1 Angular frontend developer
  • 2 .Net backend developers
  • 1 Business analyst
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 Project manager
Technology Stack
We leveraged a modern tech stack utilising:
  • .Net Core Version 6
  • Angular 13 for client web application
  • PostgreSQL for document storage
  • Docker
  • Cross-platform server part for Windows and Linux
  • DevExtreme UI Angular Component Suite (for document comparison and editor mode)
  • OpenSearch for quick document search

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